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2021-09-13 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda STRUERS S.A.S.

STRUERS S.A.S.: Are you seeing foam in your cutting liquid? If so, it may be worth making a few adjustments, as foam decreases the liquid’s cooling properties. But it depends which type of foam you have. There are two types of foam. Mechanically related foam is unstable and will usually fall fast, without causing any problems. Chemically related foam, however, will take a long time to disappear, which may result in reduced cooling. To find out which type you have, try this simple test. - Fill 50 % of an empty bottle with cutting fluid. - Shake it for 15 seconds and wait 30 seconds. - Check the foam. If the generated foam is still stable, it indicates that the foam is chemically related, and you should probably change your cutting fluid. This tip comes from an insight article called 7 ways to optimize cutting liquid for optimal sectioning. Check out the article to get more tips and tricks. Read the article here:

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