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2021-09-13 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda SIEMENS S.P.A.

SIEMENS S.P.A.: Tech for Sustainability is a global initative for students, researchers, startups and innovative individuals to leverage technology to solve real-world sustainability challenges and shape our future along with Siemens. More information:: "Sustainable Track Heating" Challenge Winters are sometimes unpredictable with sudden cold wave and temperature drops. Stopping the metro services in cold weather is not an option so all the outdoor sections are equipped with a heating system which will avoid black ice to appear, or melt it if it has already formed during the non-operating hours or the night. The heat is produced by electrical wires embedded into the concrete during the construction which consume a very large amount of energy. We believe that it is possible to turn our track into an energy positive track that would recover sufficient energy to keep itself from freezing. Our metro system is contributing to reduce the use of carbon fuels by offering affordable, convenient and eco-friendly transportation in urban areas. We want to go further, reduce the system energy consumption to its minimum but also, wherever possible, supply new energy sources to reduce the overall energy needs of our cities. We need you to help us to harness renewable energies to keep a safe metro operation integrated in an energy efficient global system! Participate here: