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2021-09-13 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda SIEMENS S.P.A.

SIEMENS S.P.A.: Tech for Sustainability is a global initative for students, researchers, startups and innovative individuals to leverage technology to solve real-world sustainability challenges and shape our future along with Siemens. More information:: "Smart Grid Systems" Challenge The power grid is a key element in the strive to transition to sustainable energy sources and decarbonization. The so-called grid edge, an unregulated market interfacing with regulated grids, still has a huge overlooked potential for new business models and untapped revenue streams. On top, services and solutions of current grid players seldomly consider the potential from asset-level understanding of energy consumption and generation “behind the meter”. While there are current data driven solutions for managing loads and supply and demand of the grid, these solutions are not driven through AI at scale and many available data streams from asset level metering and process level are not used. Automated trading agents, forecasting modules, load optimization algorithms can help manage optimally the flexibilities on the grid and help monetize them. We believe that finding a solution for this can further support the smart grid to better manage revenue streams and optimize their player operations, i.e. reduce energy consumption and increase energy efficiency, thereby reducing carbon emissions. That is why we need you! Participate here: