FIERA MILANO 14-17/10/2020
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2021-09-13 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda SIEMENS S.P.A.

SIEMENS S.P.A.: Tech for Sustainability is a global initative for students, researchers, startups and innovative individuals to leverage technology to solve real-world sustainability challenges and shape our future along with Siemens. More information:: "Metro Electricity Bill" Challenge Mass transit operators and infrastructure owners face various challenges related to energy consumption, e.g., energy waste and poor system performance due to unoptimized train operations, limited transparency concerning energy management and increasing energy pricing. With new solutions like Energy-Optimized Operations (EOO), we help our customers to save substantial amounts of energy during mass transit operations. These savings do not only create a more sustainable city environment, but most importantly lead to a significant reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. The challenge we are facing: - How can we compare the unoptimized reality with the optimized reality and prove that EOO works? - How can we monetize the energy savings (and CO2 emission reduction) and split the benefits between our customers and Siemens fairly? - How can we prove energy savings over years, without knowing the unoptimized reality? And that’s where we need you and your creative & clever ideas! Participate here: