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2017-05-02 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda SERVOPRESSE S.R.L.

SERVOPRESSE S.R.L. : TRADITIONAL UNWINDING, STRAIGHTENING AND FEEDER LINES. The system has two components: the first consists of a single base which contains an unwinding unit and a straightening unit while the second is a completely independent roller conveyor feeder. The unwinding and straightening unit may consist of the combination of the two individual machines, where the only common data item is the maximum width. Therefore, once you have established the maximum width, you can select the unwinding unit in accordance with the capacity and the straightening unit in accordance with the thickness of the material. The position on the base and the conformation of the line have been designed to ensure perfect aligning and to facilitate the loading stage, which is carried out from the control station without the operator having to touch the material. All the power is co-ordinated automatically by an ultrasound sensor which detects the variations in the position of the material in the loop. If the feeder requires material, the straightening unit is accelerated. If, on the other hand, the speed of the straightening unit is too high, the motor is stopped and a brake acts on the unwinding unit spindle to stop the coil. All of this means that the unwinding and straightening unit can be combined with all kinds of production lines. This type of system is preferable when there are no space problems, when the production speeds are very high and when the use of special materials requires that the straightening unit is not stopped, to prevent the shadows projected onto the belt from stopping the roller conveyors.