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2011-05-10 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda SERVOPRESSE S.R.L.

SERVOPRESSE S.R.L. : SERVOPRESSE recently delivered a specialized high production line to a Spanish manufacturer of pans. This automated line is designed to cut multi-disc of different diameters and thicknesses. The line is composed of the following: n.1 Compact decoiling feeder - straightener line Coil capacity 10.000 Kg Band width 1300 mm. Max OD Ø 160 mm. Inner diameter Ø508 mm. Thickness Min. 0,4 -- Max. 4 mm. No. 11 rolls Ø 60 mm. Precision +/- 0,1 mm. n.1 Circular multi-disc automatic shear n.1 Mechanical guillotine scrap shear n.1 Automatic stacker with double disc stock stations. The innovative circular zig zag shear system is able to produce flat discs in a staggered pattern to reduce scrap. Utilizing a proven software system that controls six axes, it is possible to program and memorize the workings parameters using a friendly touch-screen panel. With this equipment you'll drastically reduce die costs for every single disc produced and will only need to generate a pattern for each diameter. The tooling cost savings will be very significant versus hard tooling. Advantages : 1. A 7-9% material savings is gained by nesting the discs in an equilateral pattern. 2. Diameter change is done by simply adjusting a handwheel 3. Discs can be transferred onto a press thanks to the rotating arm mounted on the shear 4. High production rates 5. Touch-screen for work parameter settings 6. The cross movement is provided by pre-loaded ball bearing blocks and ball screw. 7. Cutting quality is assured by the patented digital adjustment system of blade penetration and blade axes clearance. 8. The two-circular-blade cutting system can process many cross sections and diameters.