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2017-09-21 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda RÖHM ITALIA S.R.L.

RÖHM ITALIA S.R.L.: RÖHM – driven by technology Drill chuck replacement self-made? In this Video we will show you the drill chuck replacement on a stationary drill machine. In addition, this video contains a brief description of the accessories. Quick-action drill chucks industry The high concentricity and the automatic reclamping in clockwise rotation are the decisive factor for these drill chucks. Due to the high precision of all individual parts a run-out accuracy of up to 0.05 mm is guaranteed depending on the design. Self-automatic reclamping The absolute highlight of the SPIRO and SUPRA drill chuck is the self-automatic reclamping. This function increases the clamping force proportional to the cutting force during drilling operation. This prevents the drill from slipping, even at extreme loads. The advantages at a glance - Increase in the clamping force proportional to the cutting force by automatic reclamping function - Precise concentricity of up to 0.05 mm - Long lifetime due to hardened functional parts The SPIRO and SUPRA drill chucks does not need a key. They are also partly suitable for hand-operated drills. Due to the massive construction, the SUPRA and SPIRO drill chucks are mainly used on stationary drill machines. These self-automatic reclamping chucks are also available as variants with pawl. Key-type drill chucks Key-type drill chucks from RÖHM convince with their universal applicability. These drill chucks have proven themselves over decades on stationary drill machines, machine tools, as well as on hand-operated corded and cordless drills. The advantages at a glance - Universally applicable for stationary use and on hand-operated drills - High concentricity of up to 0.15 mm due to massive construction - Increased clamping force due to proven transmission principle by means of drill chuck key The following materials are used in the video: - Key-type drill chuck PRIMA-I: ID 72687 (Mount: B16, Clamping capacity: 1-10 mm) - Taper shank arbor MK3xB16: ID 14912 - Taper drift for MK 1-3: ID 317236 - Quick-action drill chuck SUPRA-I: ID 871064 (Mount: B16, Clamping capacity: 3-16 mm) - Reducing sleeve MK3xMK2: ID 17020 - Extension sleeve MK3xMK3: ID 29129 - Drill and reamer extension MK3xMK3x250: ID 29158

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