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2014-04-18 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda NORBLAST S.R.L.

NORBLAST S.R.L.: MECHANICS THE BENEFIT OF AUTOMATION Identifying the specific needs of such broad and diverse a sector as the machining industry is no easy task. Considering that this industry encompasses so many processes, applications and specialty fields, it becomes apparent how important it is to offer versatile, customised solutions providing accuracy and great ease of use and, in some cases, a high degree of automation. Process knowledge and hands-on experience with applications enable us to support customers in this industry by developing efficient, cost-saving solutions. Deburring of inner ducts or outer surfaces, deflashing, technological or aesthetic finishing, surface preparation for the adhesion of glue or chemical coatings rank among the most common treatments in the industry. OUR ANSWER Choosing a machine to perform many tasks that are usually done manually is supposed to bring benefits, rather than difficulties. Whether used in precision or mass production processes, machines must offer the highest level of automation to avoid wasting the time saved from manual tasks in the management of the machine. Our machines are specifically developed for the specified application, with solutions that guarantee reliable automation and the utmost ease of operation. The software installed in our machines support interaction with operators to facilitate their work and provide training. The machine tells operators what to do and alerts them to possible errors. An additional advantage, along with the training services that we offer our customers.