FIERA MILANO 14-17/10/2020
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2021-02-26 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda L'INDUSTRIALE S.R.L.

L'INDUSTRIALE S.R.L.: ️ Important auction of assets from Moldiberica, company of manufacturing, machining and casting with own foundry. CNC Lathes, CNC Machining Centers, Drilling Machines, Deep Drills, Multiple Drills, Milling Machines, Erosion Machines, Polishing and Grinding Machines, Cube Machines, Welding Robots, Sawing machines, Wood Combining Machine, Stabilization Furnaces, Induction Furnaces, Induction Machines, Welding, Blasting Machines, Cyclones, Sand Chillers, External Silos, Turners, Mills, Sanders, Thicknesser, Hoists, Overhead Cranes, Weighing Machine, Mixer, Forklift, Profiles Projector, Durometer, 3-Dimensional, Laboratory Testing Equipment, Spectrometers, Air-Compressors, Lockers, /Furniture and much more items. #tornicncusati #centridilavorousati #trapaniusati #foratriciusate #segatriciusate #macchineutensiliusate

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