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2022-01-14 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda GYS ITALIA S.R.L.

GYS ITALIA S.R.L.: In parallel to the expansion of the two factories, next week, will start the extension of GYS main Logistic Center in France. We have built the first part (10.000m2) in 2019 and it was operational in February 2020. We now start the second part (10.000m2) and it will be ready for the end of 2022. When ready, this 20.000m2 Logistic Center will be the largest Logistic Center in Europe in the field of Welding & Charging Equipment. It will help us continue to accelerate deliveries to our clients in 132 countries in the world. #gys #GysFrance #welding #charger #CarBodyRepair #logistic #LogisticCenter #delivery #InvestInTheFuture

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