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2021-02-01 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda GERARDI S.P.A.

GERARDI S.P.A.: . SAVE 50% ON FEBRUARY 2021! . For our 50th anniversary only for February 2021 up to -50% on the Zero Point System . The Zero Point is an immediate positioning and clamping system, that represents the ideal solution for the positioning and the precise, fast and firm clamping of the equipments on the machine tools.The Zero Point is a system “NORMALLY CLOSED”, that uses die springs which allows the clamping of the pull-stud through the spheres located inside, while the filtered and lubricated compressed air enables the release only so there is no need to keep pipes connected constantly to the fixture. . Download the brochure and find out more! . . . . #gerardispa #50thyears #goldenyears #manufacturing #workholding #tooling #specialoffers #zeropoint #zeropointsystem

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