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2021-03-01 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda EOS MKTG & COMMUNICATION S.R.L.

EOS MKTG & COMMUNICATION S.R.L.: Now available ICT - Industrial Cleaning Technologies n. 19 The protagonists of this first 2021 issue of ICT_Industrial Cleaning Technologies are companies that have not given up. On the contrary, they have focussed on innovation and sustainability, implementing new technologies devoted to a process phase as important as it is delicate, namely the cleaning of parts after machining. Whether these are turned components, small metal workpieces, jewellery and fashion accessories, or pumps for agricultural machinery, there are three new commandments for industrial cleaning: treatment precision, process flexibility, and environmental sustainability. This does not necessarily only refer to the contrast between water and detergent versus solvent. It rather means that every company should choose the most effective and efficient technology for its own products and production cycles, in order to optimise resources. #myipcm #industrialcleaning #surfacetreatment #cleaningtechnologies

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