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2020-11-03 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda EOS MKTG & COMMUNICATION S.R.L.

EOS MKTG & COMMUNICATION S.R.L.: Coatings with antiviral properties are special virucidal coatings that can inhibit the viruses present on the surfaces they are applied on. They find wide application wherever it is necessary to reduce the risk of the active virus coming into contact with humans due to a contaminated surface - let's think, for example, of the surfaces of highly frequented places such as public buildings, schools, hospitals, transportation, gyms, restaurants or coffee shops. To meet the growing demand for coatings that can ensure greater surface hygiene, STARDUST Powder Coatings has tested for the first time and with positive results an antiviral coating that can inhibit the human Coronavirus NL63 at the London laboratory Virology Research Services. Find out more about Metalgrey 1050k, the first antiviral powder coating against Human Coronavirus: #myipcm #StardustPowderCoatings #antiviralcoatings #CoronavirusNL63

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