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2020-09-09 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda EOS MKTG & COMMUNICATION S.R.L.

EOS MKTG & COMMUNICATION S.R.L.: Do you know what overspray is? It's the quantity of sprayed paint that doesn’t land on the target. This involves numerous disadvantages including an increase of powder inside the coating booth with consequent soiling of the booth itself and of the equipment. In addition, the excess paint that is deposited on the painted parts can seriously demage the quality of the finished product, reducing for example the gloss. To solve this problem, DÜRR has launched EcoPaintJet, which allows paint application over large areas or in simple patterns without overspray. It's now available not only for the automotive industry, but also for woodworking, shipbuilding, electronics manufacturing, and many other sectors. #myipcm #Duerr #EcoPaintJet #nooverspray

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