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2020-06-29 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda EOS MKTG & COMMUNICATION S.R.L.

EOS MKTG & COMMUNICATION S.R.L.: Out Now Issue n. 34 of ipcm Protective Coatings > The increase in wind farms, both on land and at sea, poses major challenges to the sector of protective and anti-corrosion coatings for turbines and rotors. In the case of offshore plants, the problem is aggravated by the presence of splash zones. Research and development of protective coatings, of which we offer numerous examples in this issue devoted to the energy sector and, in particular, the offshore field, has always been focussed on two aspects: increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the corrosion mitigation action and increasing the products' ease of application, in workshops and on site. New coatings are also required to meet a greater number of requests with single products. For example, one of the new requirements for coatings intended for splash areas is the combination of protective and anti-fouling properties. You will find many answers to your technical questions in the next pages and in the specialised articles of our contributors. #myipcm #protectivecoatings #surfacetreatment #coatings #offshore #windenergy

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