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2018-11-20 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda ELETTROLASER S.R.L.

ELETTROLASER S.R.L. : DL-200, the 200 Joule Dynamic Laser 200 Joule, is the new Elettrolaser laser-welding arm with motorized arms. Designed to be used in industry field, it is the perfect solution for all those who look for precision in the restoration of large mold and dies and laser welding of big objects. Equipped with three motorized movements (X-Y-Z) by means of a joystick, it also has the possibility of having three further manual movements such as the inclination of the welding arm, the rotation of the laser head output and the rotation of the Z axis on itself. These additional movements allow the positioning and execution of particular welds in positions difficult to reach by other lasers on the market. DL-200 is supplied with integrated cylinder holder support where it is necessary to use Argon for all those welds that require the complete absence of porosity. The double in-line resonator, designed and developed entirely by ELETTROLASER, is the only system on the market today able to ensure the real output of the 200 Joules declared, maintaining the quality and intensity of the laser beam stable during the entire process. Positioned on pivoting wheels equipped with brakes and stabilizers, the DL-200 is unique in its class to have an extraordinary operational stability not compromised by its mobility. _ ELETTROLASER SRL web-site: email:

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