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2022-02-15 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda 3D SYSTEMS SOFTWARE S.R.L.

3D SYSTEMS SOFTWARE S.R.L.: The 2022 Additive Manufacturing Strategies Summit, a global event on the world of additive manufacturing, will be held as a hybrid event in person and virtually on March 1-3. We’re pleased to share that President and CEO of 3D Systems, Dr. Jeffrey Graves will be the conference keynote speaker beginning March 1 at 8:55am ET. Plan to hear the following 3D Systems’ experts during the event: ????????????????????????????????????, ???????????????????? ???? ???????? ????:???????????????? ????????, 3D Systems’ VP, Portfolio & Regulatory, Ben Johnson, will be on a panel discussion on 3D printing in implants and orthopedics. ????????????????????????????????????, ???????????????????? ???? ???????? ????:???????????????? ????????, 3D System’s VP and GM of Bioprinting, Taci Pereira will be on a panel discussion on current uses of bioprinting. ????????????????????????????????????, ???????????????????? ???? ???????? ???????????? ????????, 3D Systems’, VP, Regenerative Medicine, Katie Weimer will be a panelist on the Women in 3D Printing - point of care 3D printing discussion. ????????????????????????????????, ???????????????????? ???? ???????? ????????:???????????????? ????????, 3D Systems’ VP, Aerospace & Defense Segment, Dr. Mike Shepard will be on a panel discussion on AM, lightweighting, and aerospace. Take advantage of our exclusive offer to attend this event virtually for free by using promotional code ???????????????? when registering for the event. Allevi by 3D Systems #additivemanufacturing #3Dprinting #bioprinting #implants #orthopedics #aerosapce #lightweighting

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