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2021-09-01 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda 3D SYSTEMS SOFTWARE S.R.L.

3D SYSTEMS SOFTWARE S.R.L.: "AM has taken us beyond prototyping into making parts we see every day, in quantity, and with the longevity of those produced using traditional manufacturing methods.” - Diana Kalisz, 3D Systems’ Vice President, Materials, was recently featured in TCT Magazine’s latest issue among industry leading women in additive manufacturing. Diana shares her journey from the beginning at 3D Systems, walking through the evolution of her experience with 3D printing technology and the types of applications she worked with, from CAD software capabilities to developments in bioprinting and regenerative medicine, to addressing new applications due to the possibilities that grew within this industry. Read the full story: #WomenIn3D #WomenIn3DPrinting #3Dprinting #bioprinting #regenerativemedicine

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