FIERA MILANO 14-17/10/2020
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2021-10-12 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda 3D SYSTEMS SOFTWARE S.R.L.

3D SYSTEMS SOFTWARE S.R.L.: We’re looking forward to the first launch window of Stratos IV on Friday, October 15 from the launch site El Arenosillo Test Center (CEDEA) located near Mazagon, Spain. 3D Systems Senior Aerospace Application Engineer, Robin Ska, led the collaboration between TU Delft students and our team of advanced application engineers from Leuven. The team supported the creation of the rocket by co-developing a 3D printed titanium nozzle. Congratulations to the students and engineers who spent over 3 years dedicating their time and effort to make this launch a reality. Mark your calendars and watch the launch here: #StratosIV #launcher #engineering #defylimitations Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering

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