FIERA MILANO 14-17/10/2020
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2021-10-01 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda 3D SYSTEMS SOFTWARE S.R.L.

3D SYSTEMS SOFTWARE S.R.L.: “My father was a manufacturing engineer at IBM in the 1980s working on assembly lines that built computers and printers in one of the first lights-out manufacturing applications. Watching computers use robots to build computers was mind blowing—until I started college and witnessed selective laser sintering (SLS) for the first time. I am fascinated and inspired by how additive manufacturing (AM) has enabled our global community to progress. At 3D Systems, I have the opportunity to witness and facilitate developments that help industries and humanity: surgical planning and medical devices, new design iterations that enable race cars to go faster, and work to progress the science behind 3D printed organs. It is an exciting time to be part of the 3D printing industry and to see the advances we’re innovating in manufacturing every day.” – 3D Systems, Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer for Additive Manufacturing, David Leigh shares with us how AM empowers him on #ManufacturingDay. Join 3D Systems and help us continue to advance additive manufacturing. Explore our career opportunities: #MFGDay21 #MFGDay #creatorswanted #additivemanfuacturing

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